Life in Balance Webinar (In Swedish)

We live in a world where results, constantly performing at the top and social status play a big role in how successful we are judged to be. Many people work hard to get where they want to go - without listening to when their bodies or thoughts begin to speak out.

But, what's the point of being successful, making a career, "succeeding" in life - if you are constantly stressed, overwhelmed by emotions, pushing your family and friends aside, or are angry and lack energy when you meet them?

This webinar is for YOU who want to know WHAT you can do to create more mental energy and feel less stressed - to get more BALANCE IN LIFE!

Among other things, I will talk about ...

... the importance of learning to say no
... why you should not sit too comfortably
... benefits of letting go of things that hold you back

Date: 2021-02-26

Weekday: Friday

Time: 11.00-11.30 (Stockholm)

Scope: One opportunity. Link to replay will be sent out afterwards if you do not have the opportunity to participate this time.

Location: Online. Link is sent out about 1 hour before the webinar starts.

Language: Swedish

Presenter: Peter Thelander - Professional Coach

Price: Free

Welcome to join!

Life in Balance Webinar (In Swedish)


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